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Baby Beanie Pattern

Baby beanies are one of my favorite things to knit. They are small, fast, cute and easy to stylize. One of these hats without the extra duplicate stitch work takes only 2 hours or less.


Size 6 circular needles (I use addi turbo 10″ circular needles)

Worsted weight yarn – 4 weight (I use Caron Simply Soft)

Stitch marker

Sewing needle


CO 56 (newborn), 60 sts (2-6 months), or 64 sts (7-12 months)

Rows 1-6: K1, P1

Knit for 4.5 inches (newborn), 5.5 inches (2-6 months), or 6.5 inches (7-12 months) from brim to top

Binding off (Switching to dps when needed): K2tog* one row then K* one row

Stopping on a k2tog row, continue until you have under 10 ers across all of your dpns. *Note: for the 2-6 month size, you will have one extra stitch after k2tog around. Knit this stitch normally to complete the round.


Cut your yarn and weave it through your live stitches to create a circle.

Pull the circle closed, thread the yarn through the middle and flip the hat inside out to weave in ends. Having trouble? This should help.

Now, you can either leave your hat plain or choose to add a pom pom or do a duplicate stitch to add some character.

Here are some of my favorite designs!



 Polka dots

always, ashley


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Chunky Infinity Scarf


Infinity scarves may just be the best thing that ever happened to Fall and Winter fashion. They are stupid simple to wear, they keep you toasty warm and they can be warn by anyone, regardless of age.  This pattern is for a chunky, ribbed infinity scarf with a mobius twist. I know it sounds like alot, but it will probably be one of the easiest things you have ever had to knit. In fact, you might just end up knitting a bunch for holiday presents!



Size 13 needles

Super chunky yarn – 6 weight (I used Loops & Threads Country Loom in Driftwood)

Sewing Needle


CO 18 sts

All Rows: K1, P1

Repeat until you reach your desired length (I used all 104 yards of my yarn)


Bind off you project and create a mobius twist by holding your project flat and rotating one end so there is a single twist in your scarf. It may seem unnecessary now, but the twist helps it look better when looped over your head.

Sew your project’s ends together, keeping this twist in your scarf. Weave in your ends and cut the excess yarn.

Ta-da! Now wrap that bad boy around your neck twice and you are ready to go. Easy peasy.

always, ashley

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Simple Knit Beanie


A great, simple beanie can be the best staple of any outfit.  This beanie is light weight, best for spring or fall and will fit the average adult head.


Size 8 circular and/or double point needle

Worsted weight yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft Charcoal Heather)

Stitch marker

Sewing Needle


Body of the hat:

CO 88 & join in the round

Row 1-6 rows:*K2, P2

Row 7 onward: Knit in the round until project reaches 6.5 inches tall

Crown of the hat: (You will have to switch to dpn if you have not been using them all along.)

Row x: *K2tog, K9

Row x2: *K2tog, K8

Row x3: *K2tog, K7

Row x4: *K2tog, K6

Row x5: *K2tog, K5

Row x6: *K2tog, K4

Row x5: *K2tog, K3

Row x6: *K2tog, K2

Row x7: *K2tog, K

Row x8: *K2tog

Take your yarn and sew it through the live stitches to make a circle. Take your yarn through the center hole so your hat is inside out and weave in ends.

The end!

always, ashley


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Simple Knit Wrist Warmers

2016-04-12 17.35.24Good afternoon everyone!  Sorry for the delay between my posts, I have been busy getting a new job!  Whoo hoo!  But we’re not here to talk about how well I’m adulting, we’re here here to discuss my new wrist warmer pattern.

So…every year my boyfriend and I go to the Southern Californian Renaissance Faire, you know, like a bunch of nerds. We go all out…like I have a corset and he has armor type of all out.  Well anywho, it was rainy and cold for opening weekend and my outfit is built for SoCal temperatures.  No good!  So I needed a quick solution to make my costume more weather ready.  So I thought and thought and then boom, wrist warmers that come up to the elbow.  The pattern I came up with is simple and easy, I fact, I finished both in 2 days with the many interruptions of life.  The pattern is designed for a smaller person, such as myself, but could be adjusted to be larger by simply adding on multiples of 4 for the CO and increasing the button hole size.  So without further delay, here it is.

2016-04-12 17.37.00

On size 6 needles, knitted in the round, with worsted weight yarn.

CO 36 sts & join in the round

R1-R5: K2, P2

R6-71 (or until you have your desired arm length): K

R72: Create an 8 stitch, one row button hole for your thumb and then K the rest of the round

R73-74: K

R75-80: K2, P2

Bind off and weave in ends


So there you have it!  Told you it was easy!  I hope they keep you as warm as they kept me!  Until next time…

always, ashley

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Eleventh Hour Blanket Rendition

2015-11-25 17.01.18BUURRRRR!  If you haven’t noticed lately…it’s cold out there!  In fact, it got down to 41 degrees today.  (FYI that’s cold for us So-Cal people!)  In fact, for the last few nights, I’ve gone to bed dressed like an Inuit to try to keep warm!  (You see, my house has furnace heating and I do not like to leave it on while we sleep.)


While wearing a million layers helped me keep warm, I have to say it wasn’t very comfortable.  Naturally, I began to scour the web for the FASTEST and WARMEST blanket pattern I could find.  Luckily, I found the Purl Soho’s Eleventh Hour Blanket!

 (As shown below!)

11th hr

Let me first say that the Purl Soho’s pattern is absolutely beautiful!  If I could afford it, I would have loved to complete the pattern exactly as they wrote it.  However, in order to adjust their pattern to fit my Queen-sized bed, it would have required 10+ balls of their gorgeous Cascade Magnum yarn which is $24.90 a ball and lezbehonest…

Im poor

So naturally, I began working on a more cost-effective idea to “get the look”.  First, I calculated how many stitches I would need to work with in order to fit my Queen-sized bed decently.  I decided to go with 65 stitches, however, if I could do it over again, I would probably go with  71 so it would drape over the bed more.  Next, I began to look for some cheaper bulky yarn that still had some wool in it in order to retain warmth.  After debating between Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Think & Quick and Loops and Threads’ Cozy Wool, I decided to go with the latter due to the deals that were available.  I ended up purchasing 14 balls of Cozy Wool in an off-white color for $5 a ball plus 20% off my purchase. (If you’re looking to duplicate my version of the pattern, make sure to add 2 extra balls if you wish to do 71 stitches rather than my original 65.)

Now, all that was left to do was to get to work.  I picked up my size 36 circular needles and casted on 65 stitches, working 2 balls of yarn at a time.  I followed the K1, P1, adding new balls of yarn as I went, until the blanket reached my desired length of about 55-60 inches.  (It’s very stretchy, so the dimensions change.)  With an adequate amount of yarn left, I binded off, sewed in, and boom… after only TWO DAYS a new, warm blanket was born and boy was she a ‘beaut.  At almost 1/4th the cost, I was able to create a decent stand-in for the original Eleventh Hour Blanket.

2015-11-25 16.51.50

In the end, I can honestly say I am absolutely thrilled with how the blanket came out and how warm I was last night!  Now, I no longer have to layer up before bed –PLUS– I still had some extra money left over to go to the movies!  Win-win.  Eventually, I am going to add an edging to the blanket like they did in the original pattern, but for now, I am knee-deep in knitting washcloths for holiday gifts!

always, ashley

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Last Minute Halloween Costume!

2015-10-30 21.54.26

“AHH!!! Tomorrow is Halloween!?” – me this morning after realizing I have NOTHING to wear to the party tomorrow. (Seriously though, I had zero costumes or ideas until 11 a.m. on October 30th.)

I needed a costume and I needed it FAST, but I didn’t want to break the bank on a pricey costume from those creepy Halloween stores or try to throw something together from my closet that looked half-assed.


So, I sat and thought hard about all the costumes I could do on a budget that would still be fun and allow for some creativity.  I thought and thought and thought and then…. BOOM. Nailed it. I would be Where’s Waldo.Halloween post2

It was a perfect fit.  I had just purchased some cobalt pants, I found a stripped shirt & glasses from Goodwill and I work with seniors, so finding a cane was a no brainier.  My only issue?  THE HAT!  And then I remembered, oh shit, I knit!  I ran to my craft store, picked up some yarn and picked up my needles.  FYI this hat only took 2 hours! (That’s only 4 episodes of House Hunters!)

2015-10-30 21.55.42 2015-10-30 21.57.42


Size 13 circular and/or double point needle

Super Chunky yarn in red & white

Stitch marker

Sewing Needle

Pom pom maker or a make shift option


CO 48 in red & join in the round

R1-7: *K2, P2

Change yarn to white

R8-19: *K

R20: *K4, K2tog

R21: *K3, K2tog

R22: *K2, K2tog

R23: *K1, K2tog

R24: *K2tog

Weave yarn through remaining stitches and weave in all ends

Yay!  The bulk of the project is done!  Now all you have to do is the pom pom.  I use a pom pom maker, but it’s up to you how to proceed.  When done, sew that bad boy on!  Costume complete!  Who would have thought that just a few hours ago, I didn’t have a single costume idea.  Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the result of the hat and the costume as a whole; I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!  Anywho, have a safe and fun Halloween!

always, ashley

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Fake Cables


Hey y’all!  So I want to share a stitch pattern I found as a new knitter when I was TERRIFIED of actual cabling.  While I am no longer intimidated by real cable stitches, I still love doing this easy-peasy fake cable!  (And you will too!)  I use this stitch pattern on my famous boot cuffs, dishcloths, and so much more!  It’s such an awesome stitch because it is reversible!  One side will have your fake cables and the other will have a traditional rib stitch.


Before you begin, you will need to know what I mean by K2tog&1st.  When you see this shorthand in the pattern below, you will do the following: K2tog but DO NOT slip stitch from left needle to right needle.  Knit again into the first stitch in your K2tog.  NOW you can slip these two new stitches onto your right needle.  Got it?  I promise it is REALLY easy once you do it!  Here are some pictures of me doing the stitch step by step if you’re having trouble following me!




Yay!  Congrats on learning this semi-silly stitch!  Not too bad, right?  Now that you have that down, you can begin a project!

Here is the stitch pattern:

CO multiples of 4 (try 20 for starters!)

R1: *K2, P2

R2: *K2, P2

R3: *K2tog&1st, P2

R:4 *K2, P2

always, ashley

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Simple Knitted Coasters

2015-07-14 20.05.32Here is a quick and easy way to use up some scrap yarn to make something you might ACTUALLY use.  (Because let’s face it, most other ideas for scrap yarn are pretty sad…)

Start off with some worsted weight (4) yarn.  I used Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda and Sunshine.


Next, pick up a pair of size 5 needles, or something close, honestly it doesn’t matter too much.

1. Cast on 25 stitches.

2. Knit the first 3 rows.

4. Purl a row and knit a row  (making sure to knit the first and last 3 sts) until you have a square (about 28 rows with my needle size).

4. Knit the last 3 rows.

5. Bind off and sew in.

BOOOOOOOOOM! That is it. Dead serious. Dead simple. Now go make a cup on tea and put your creation to work! Cheerio!

always, ashley

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Santa Hat Beanie

All three sizes can be seen here. (I ran out of red yarn!)

Happy holidays everyone!  Let’s get the season rolling by knitting up my super easy and quick Santa hat beanie!

This pattern makes a size small/medium/large hat.

  1. Small will fit pre-teens, little teens, and overall tiny people
  2. Medium will fit most adults.
  3. Large is big enough to fit on my boyfriend’s rather huge head. (Haha <3)

Small instructions will be denoted with a “S”, medium will marked with a “M”, and large with a “L”.

santa hat


Super Chunky/Bulky Yarn (I used Loops & Threads – Cozy Wool in Fleece & Claret)

1 size 8 circular needle and/or 4-5 size 8 double point needles

A tapestry needle


Pom-pom maker or supplies to make one


CO 61 sts (S), 65 sts (M) or 73 sts (L) of your white yarn

Join in the round by using an invisible join.  Here’s a video if you do not know how or would like a refresher!

You should now have 60 or 64 or 72 sts joined in the round.

R1-R12: *K2, P2

Cut your white working yarn, leaving about 12 inches.  Change your yarn to your red.

R13-26(S)/30(M)/28(L): *K

(Small start here)

R27: *K8, K2tog

R28: *K

(Large start here)

R29: *K7, K2tog

R30: *K

(Medium start here)

R31: *K6, K2tog

R32: *K

R33: *K5, K2tog

R34: *K

R35: *K4, K2tog

R36: *K

R37: *K3, K2tog

R38: *K

R39: *K2, K2tog

R40: *K

R41: *K1, K2tog

R42: *K2tog

Cut your working yarn at about 12 inches from the hat.  Use your tapestry needle and insert the yarn through the remaining sts in a circular pattern and pull tight.  Pop your yarn through the whole and weave your ends in on the inside off the hat.

Make your pom-pom using whatever method you see fit & attach the pom-pom to the top of your hat.  Here’s a video of one method of making your pom-pom & attaching it.


Dang!  What a good looking Santa!  You’re just about ready for the North Pole!

Notice any issues with the pattern? Want to show off your Santa hat? Well don’t keep these things to yourself! Share!

always, ashley

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Feelin’ Foxy Scarf (The Fox)

This version of “Feelin’ Foxy Scarf” is designed to be quick and dirty.  Unlike the wolf, the fox was made for people who don’t have all week or month to be knitting a damn scarf!  So pick up your needles and get crackin’!

Mr. Wolf & Ms. Fox

Mr. Wolf & Ms. Fox

Inspired, translated, and tweaked from a lovely pattern created by a woman somewhere in Europe (sorry, I could not tell you where!), this foxy scarf is a fun accessory to add a little sass to any day.  You can find the original pattern here.  Follow along to furnish your own furry, foxy friend! (Pardon the alliteration!)

Very Foxy

Very Foxy


2 different colors of super chunky weight (I used Bernat Softee Chunky)

2 size 8 needles

A darning needle & a sewing needle


A 2 medium buttons & 1 small button (or yarn to embroider)


Body of Fox:

CO 2 of your lighter color

R1: *K

R2: KFB2

R3: KFB,*K*, KFB

Repeat R1 & R3 until you have 16 sts

Change to your bold color

R3: *K

Repeat R3, 18 times

R4: *K2tog, K2 (You should have 12 sts)

R5: *K1, P1

Repeat R5, 20 times

R6: KFB, K3, KFB, K3, KFB, K3 (You should have 15 sts)

R7: *K

Repeat R7, 65 times for S/M & 65 times for L/XL (Note the odd numbers of sts is so there is only stripe jogging on one side of you cute little friend)

Change to your lighter color

R8: *K

Repeat R8

R9: K2tog, *K*, K2tog

Repeat R8 twice & R9 until you have 3 sts left

R10: *K

Repeat R10, 3 times

R11: *K

Repeat R11

R12: KFB, *K*, KFB

Repeat R11 twice & R12 until you have 15 sts

R13: *K

Repeat R13



CO 8 of your lighter color

R1: *K

R2: K2tog, *K*, K2tog

Repeat R1 & R2 until 2 sts remain


Repeat for second ear


Sew the BO end to the matching side of the foxes face so it makes a loop (I completed this by sewing the BO end to the lighter color jogging loops, it made for a clean join.)

Sew on the ears and either sew on button or embroider for eyes


Wrap your cute little fox around your neck!  Do it!  Do it now!  Now look at your self! Aren’t you foxy? 😉

Notice any issues with the pattern? Want to let me know how smashing you look? Well don’t keep these things to yourself! Share!

always, ashley

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