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Fake Cables


Hey y’all!  So I want to share a stitch pattern I found as a new knitter when I was TERRIFIED of actual cabling.  While I am no longer intimidated by real cable stitches, I still love doing this easy-peasy fake cable!  (And you will too!)  I use this stitch pattern on my famous boot cuffs, dishcloths, and so much more!  It’s such an awesome stitch because it is reversible!  One side will have your fake cables and the other will have a traditional rib stitch.


Before you begin, you will need to know what I mean by K2tog&1st.  When you see this shorthand in the pattern below, you will do the following: K2tog but DO NOT slip stitch from left needle to right needle.  Knit again into the first stitch in your K2tog.  NOW you can slip these two new stitches onto your right needle.  Got it?  I promise it is REALLY easy once you do it!  Here are some pictures of me doing the stitch step by step if you’re having trouble following me!




Yay!  Congrats on learning this semi-silly stitch!  Not too bad, right?  Now that you have that down, you can begin a project!

Here is the stitch pattern:

CO multiples of 4 (try 20 for starters!)

R1: *K2, P2

R2: *K2, P2

R3: *K2tog&1st, P2

R:4 *K2, P2

always, ashley


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Tweed Cabled Headband

 I would love to share one of my favorite headbands with you. Essentially, it is comprised of a basic cable stitch that sits in the middle of a simple seed stitch.  Follow these directions for a foolproof, lovely headband for yourself or a friend!

The front...

The front…

...and the back!

…and the back!


Medium weight / Worsted yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Oatmeal)

2 size 6 needles

A cable needle (or a size 6 dpn)

A darning needle


A cute button

Supplies, pattern, and progress can be all seen here!


CO 17 sts

R1: K, P, K, P, K9, P, K, P, K

R2: K, P, K, P11, K, P, K

R3: K, P, K, P, K9, P, K, P, K

R4: K, P, K, P11, K, P, K

R5: K, P, K, P, K9, P, K, P, K

R6: K, P, K, P11, K, P, K

R7: K, P, K, P, Cable 3 in back, K3, K3 from Cable needle, K3, P, K, P, K

R8: K, P, K, P11, K, P, K

R9: K, P, K, P, K9, P, K, P, K

R10: K, P, K, P11, K, P, K

R11: K, P, K, P, K3, Cable 3 in front, K3, K3 from Cable needle, P, K, P, K

Repeat rows 6-11 until your project measures long enough to wrap around your head and over lap about half an inch to an inch (You know, for a button!). (For reference, mine was just short of 150 rows in total up until this point.)

Once here, you will add your button hole in your next row!

Rn: K, P K, P4, (ADD YOUR 4 STITCH BUTTON HOLE HERE) Don’t know how? Try this video!, K2, P, K, P, K

Rn2: *K, P2tog, *P until 3 sts remain, P2tog, K

Rn3: *K, P, *K until 2 sts remain, P, K

Rn4: *K, P2tog, *P until 3 sts remain, P2tog, K

Rn7: BO

Weave in those ends! Sew on that button! Never sewn a button you say?! Try this video!


Button it on up, put it on your head! Look in the mirror! Don’t you look adorable.

Notice any issues with the pattern? Want to let me know how smashing you look? Well don’t keep these things to yourself! Share!

always, ashley

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