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Baby Beanie Pattern

Baby beanies are one of my favorite things to knit. They are small, fast, cute and easy to stylize. One of these hats without the extra duplicate stitch work takes only 2 hours or less.


Size 6 circular needles (I use addi turbo 10″ circular needles)

Worsted weight yarn – 4 weight (I use Caron Simply Soft)

Sewing Needle


CO 56 (newborn) or 64 sts (baby)

Rows 1-6: K1, P1

6 inches from brim to top: K*

Binding off (Switching to dps when needed): K2tog* one row then K* one row

Continue until you have 7 (newborn) or 8 (baby) sts left


Cut your yarn and weave your it through your live stitches to create a circle.

Pull the circle closed, thread the yarn through the middle and flip the hat inside out to weave in ends.

Now, you can either leave your hat plain or choose to add a pom pom or do a duplicate stitch to add some character.


Here are some of my favorite designs!


 Polka dots

always, ashley

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