Knit Ottoman Poof


After a knitting hiatus due to moving, I’m back with a fun new item!  A knitted poof for my new home!!!  YAY!

Actually, it wasn’t even that difficult.  I just picked 6 balls of super chunky yarn, picked up a pair of size 19 needles, and got to it!  For this project, I knitted three balls at the same time to get the bulk I needed.

Knitting Aspect! You need to cast on 25 stitches, then just knit and knit and knit until all 6 balls are pretty much depleted (leaving a good 3 feet). You end up with this pretty large rectangle, kinda underwhelming at this point, I know.  From here, bind off, BUT KEEP THE YARN LIVE, don’t you go cutting it and sewing it in.  (But please make sure your cast on edge is all sewn in and taken care of.)  Keep that sewing needle handy because you’re going to need it still!

Now is the time to assemble the poof!!!

First Step! You need to sew together your cast on and bind off edge by using that yarn you left live (See, I told you that you would need it).  I used a mattress stitch, but whatever floats your boat.  You should now have a cylinder.  NOW you can sew in your ends.

Second Step! Find some more yarn! (Cotton is a good idea, just because it is so strong).  Don’t fret too much about the color, you wont even see it to be honest.  Thread the needle with your new yarn.  You are about to pick up stitches from what was the sides of your long rectangle in order to pull tight and make a little circle (Which will be your bottom of your poof).  DON’T GET SCARED!  It’s realllllllly simple.  Just listen up!  You remember how you were knitting with 3 balls at a time??? Well now were going to take the needle with the new yarn and insert it into ONE out of the three loops.  Got it?  Now you are going to do this allllll the way around SKIPPING every other group of 3.  When you find your way back around, pull your ends tight, tight, tight, tight until it is an itty bitty circle, then double knot it and sew in the end in the inside.  Pleaseeee don’t panic about the puckers, I promise it will look so cute when you’re done!

Third Step!  Stuff that poof!!!  Pick an old bedspread the color of your yarn, OOORRRR do what I did and buy some fabric that matches and wrap your old bedspread (queen sized worked for me).

Fourth and Final Step!  Once it is full (and when I say full I mean STUFFED!), you can repeat what you did in step 2.  You know, the whole pick up one of the three in a stitch, thread your way around, and pull so tight you’re worried it may explode (promise it won’t!).  This time around, you may need a friend to help push down the bedspread in order to pull it super tight like the bottom side.  Double knot.  Tuck in the left over yarn. BOOM!  Poof! ❤

 2015-06-26 18.11.47

always, ashley


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