Santa Hat Beanie

All three sizes can be seen here. (I ran out of red yarn!)

Happy holidays everyone!  Let’s get the season rolling by knitting up my super easy and quick Santa hat beanie!

This pattern makes a size small/medium/large hat.

  1. Small will fit pre-teens, little teens, and overall tiny people
  2. Medium will fit most adults.
  3. Large is big enough to fit on my boyfriend’s rather huge head. (Haha <3)

Small instructions will be denoted with a “S”, medium will marked with a “M”, and large with a “L”.

santa hat


Super Chunky/Bulky Yarn (I used Loops & Threads – Cozy Wool in Fleece & Claret)

1 size 8 circular needle and/or 4-5 size 8 double point needles

A tapestry needle


Pom-pom maker or supplies to make one


CO 61 sts (S), 65 sts (M) or 73 sts (L) of your white yarn

Join in the round by using an invisible join.  Here’s a video if you do not know how or would like a refresher!

You should now have 60 or 64 or 72 sts joined in the round.

R1-R12: *K2, P2

Cut your white working yarn, leaving about 12 inches.  Change your yarn to your red.

R13-26(S)/30(M)/28(L): *K

(Small start here)

R27: *K8, K2tog

R28: *K

(Large start here)

R29: *K7, K2tog

R30: *K

(Medium start here)

R31: *K6, K2tog

R32: *K

R33: *K5, K2tog

R34: *K

R35: *K4, K2tog

R36: *K

R37: *K3, K2tog

R38: *K

R39: *K2, K2tog

R40: *K

R41: *K1, K2tog

R42: *K2tog

Cut your working yarn at about 12 inches from the hat.  Use your tapestry needle and insert the yarn through the remaining sts in a circular pattern and pull tight.  Pop your yarn through the whole and weave your ends in on the inside off the hat.

Make your pom-pom using whatever method you see fit & attach the pom-pom to the top of your hat.  Here’s a video of one method of making your pom-pom & attaching it.


Dang!  What a good looking Santa!  You’re just about ready for the North Pole!

Notice any issues with the pattern? Want to show off your Santa hat? Well don’t keep these things to yourself! Share!

always, ashley


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