Feelin’ Foxy Scarf (The Fox)

This version of “Feelin’ Foxy Scarf” is designed to be quick and dirty.  Unlike the wolf, the fox was made for people who don’t have all week or month to be knitting a damn scarf!  So pick up your needles and get crackin’!

Mr. Wolf & Ms. Fox

Mr. Wolf & Ms. Fox

Inspired, translated, and tweaked from a lovely pattern created by a woman somewhere in Europe (sorry, I could not tell you where!), this foxy scarf is a fun accessory to add a little sass to any day.  You can find the original pattern here.  Follow along to furnish your own furry, foxy friend! (Pardon the alliteration!)

Very Foxy

Very Foxy


2 different colors of super chunky weight (I used Bernat Softee Chunky)

2 size 8 needles

A darning needle & a sewing needle


A 2 medium buttons & 1 small button (or yarn to embroider)


Body of Fox:

CO 2 of your lighter color

R1: *K

R2: KFB2

R3: KFB,*K*, KFB

Repeat R1 & R3 until you have 16 sts

Change to your bold color

R3: *K

Repeat R3, 18 times

R4: *K2tog, K2 (You should have 12 sts)

R5: *K1, P1

Repeat R5, 20 times

R6: KFB, K3, KFB, K3, KFB, K3 (You should have 15 sts)

R7: *K

Repeat R7, 65 times for S/M & 65 times for L/XL (Note the odd numbers of sts is so there is only stripe jogging on one side of you cute little friend)

Change to your lighter color

R8: *K

Repeat R8

R9: K2tog, *K*, K2tog

Repeat R8 twice & R9 until you have 3 sts left

R10: *K

Repeat R10, 3 times

R11: *K

Repeat R11

R12: KFB, *K*, KFB

Repeat R11 twice & R12 until you have 15 sts

R13: *K

Repeat R13



CO 8 of your lighter color

R1: *K

R2: K2tog, *K*, K2tog

Repeat R1 & R2 until 2 sts remain


Repeat for second ear


Sew the BO end to the matching side of the foxes face so it makes a loop (I completed this by sewing the BO end to the lighter color jogging loops, it made for a clean join.)

Sew on the ears and either sew on button or embroider for eyes


Wrap your cute little fox around your neck!  Do it!  Do it now!  Now look at your self! Aren’t you foxy? 😉

Notice any issues with the pattern? Want to let me know how smashing you look? Well don’t keep these things to yourself! Share!

always, ashley


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  1. J’adore ! Merci pour les explications !


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